Web Development

Web Development is something I was doing part-time on a Saturday, working for my Dad. I first got into web development using html and css to hand write web pages. I still enjoy doing this although I am self taught and not fluent in any web based language such as php or java so using WordPress was a way for me to carry on creating websites without having to worry about certain aspects of the development.  I make child-themes for each WordPress site I have developed so I can still go in and change the css to make it look how the client wants it.


Ponteland Online was an existing website that I was tasked the re-designing. When it was originally created, it was made using net fusion, this was outdated for the current time period and so I used WordPress to re-design the website. This was my first real attempt at a proper WordPress site and I am happy with how it turned out. I am now quite experienced with WordPress and I feel I can make quite nice looking websites using it.



Grants Butchers was a website designed for a client with a lot of input. This was one of my first experiences in dealing with the “client is always right” mentality, they had a vision in their head and they wanted that outcome, no matter what other peoples opinions. Developing the site was frustrating at times because I would want to do things differently to how the client wanted them, however I was doing a service for them and had to do as they asked.



Initial J was a client that originally just wanted a regular website but then came back to us to add some eCommerce features. The requirement was to add a shop area where they can sell tickets to their creative crafts events. This was my first experience working with a live and functional eCommerce website, I had previously done some practice in case I ever needed to create one but this was the first live one. I am happy with the way the shop element turned out, although, personally I would change the design.