In this section I will show all the projects that I have coded and written. Most are games, there are couple of programs that aren’t games but are little test applications that were used for learning. The projects will be in chronological order. Programs that were used to create the projects include; Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio. The XNA framework was used for some games also.


FreeCAD is my latest and current side project that I work on when I have some spare time. It is a CAD (Computer aided dispatch) for an online community that was looking for a new system for their game. The plan is to finish it and then release it as open source. FreeCAD is my first time working with ASP.NET using an MVC model to develop it, I’m also using Entity Framework for the first time. I have learned a lot throughout this and want to continue working on it.

Password Manager

This password manager was my first big independent project that I saw from inception to completion. I was very happy with the outcome and learnt a lot along the way, it saw two iterations; The first I just completed the programme in a way that would work. The second I went back and refactored the code and created a much tidier design. Although I learnt a lot, the next project I was to complete (ASP.NET project) taught me even more, and made me realise changes I could make to this project. Things such as SQL Injection and how to prevent it, more about creating encryption and authentication. These are 2 elements I’d go back and change in this project, specifically implementing stored procedures or using a command builder to elimate SQL injection possibilities.

Jungle Jump – Mobile Game

Jungle Jump is a mobile platformer game I made in my final year for my “Mobile Games Development” unit. It is a fairly simple game, however as it was my first time using unity and developing for Android, I was happy with the outcome. I wanted to incorporate some aspects of modelling into it which is why I decided on the 2.5D type of feel. The game runs well on Android phones, and has one level. A high score is set by completing the level with the least amount of deaths.

Urban Escape

Urban Escape was a game made in Unreal Engine 4. It is a game with 2 levels and has a lot of 3D models within it. Instead of actually coding the game I used the blueprints feature of unreal to create some of the features and functions of the game, some screenshots of these can be seen in the gallery. The blueprint system is quite unique but also very friendly to the new user as it is simple to learn and start with.

Excellent Bario Twins

The Excellent Bario Twins game was developed during my “Agile Games Development” unit in which I was team leader using the SCRUM methodology to develop this game. I was in charge of arranging SPRINT meetings with the client, assigning tasks to my team and making sure the game was developed and delivered on time. I am very happy with how it turned out. The game had all of our own graphics, music and code. Nothing was downloaded. I was also the main programmer for this project, so I feel like it meant a lot to me that it turned out well, and functional!

Asteroid Destroyer

This game was developed in Visual Studio using the C# language and XNA framework. It was my first time ever developing a game that I wrote on my own. I followed some tutorials and also used what I had learnt from them to add power-ups, split-screen and some other features. It was my first assessed piece of work on my course in the first year, and I am proud of how it turned out in the end. It is a simple game, all you have to do is kill enemies for as long as possible, once you run out of health, you die and your score is displayed.